Avslutade projekt inom Erasmus+ stategiska partnerskap

“The Odyssey revisited: Teaching European values in a divided continent” 2017-2019.

About the project

This project aims to develop transversal and intercultural competencies against the backdrop of a real life scenario in a webcomic entitled Ody.It will follow the journey of an imaginary Syrian refugee called Ody who has to travel across five countries, Cyprus, Turkey, Greece, Italy and Spain before he is reunited with his family who has found shelter in Sweden, a sort of Promised land for them. This interactive webcomic wil have six chapters ( one chapter written by each partner school) written in English and will describe the wandering of a fictitious refugee character. It will be enriched with hyperlinks to text, audio and video files giving information about each partner’s physical and human geography, public life and citizen’s rights and elements of cultural history that helped shape national identity. At the end of each chapter, the character of Ody will have learnt a specific European value through his experience.


Through Ody’s journey, students will learn how to be conscious of their culture, how to see foreign cultures as enriching and not fearful and this will help them improve their school performance in a wide range of subjects. This multidisciplinary activity will enhance learning, engage and motivate students, and use technology in a practical and effective way. The students will be able to contextualize new vocabulary and develop their analytical skills. They will gain a better understanding of our changing interconnected world by exposing to the places, people and cultures of the partner countries. They will be introduced to suitable software applications for avatar and comic creation (e. g learn to use templates, add sound effects, videos, hyperlinks). They will be encouraged to develop their social and moral awareness to thrive in a society that appreciates diversity.

Expected results

This project is expected to have a profound and lasting impact on the participating students, teachers and society as a whole. Students will learn to use higher –level thinking skills. They will improve their ability to identify places, understand causes and patterns of change. They will improve their language and speaking skills. They will improve their computer skills, especially their ability to search for information, create, edit and organize digital content. They will be able to compare and contrast different societies and cultures. They will learn universal truths about human values. They will become aware of shared European values such as democracy, solidarity, tolerance and respect for difference by understanding their own culture better. They will develop a more positive attitude towards cooperative- collaborative learning and improve their interpersonal skills. Moreover, they will create transnational friendships and gain a sense of belonging and unity.